PKR isn’t a bad place to play poker right, but how come you never win? Well, there’s been lots of talk about cheats operating in the poker room and although we’re not going to make that claim, we’ve played there - we know how hard it is to win a hand at PKR!

In fact, we got so fed up with losing that we started this site to help other people move on - and get back to enjoying playing online poker!


Does this sound familiar to you?

PKR Cheat, PKR Cheats, Poker Cheats!

Call it what you will. If you’re still playing poker at PKR then you need to read on...

Are you fed up with never winning at PKR and losing to fools???

This review represents an alternative to PKR that we think is worth considering - we hope you find it useful...!

Lock Poker Review Snapshot:

Poker Room Stats:

Online Since: 2009

Peak # Players: 8000+

Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Neteller and Various Online Deposit Services 

Games Offered: Hold ‘Em Poker Variants,  Omaha and 5 & 7 Stud Variants, Draw, Triple Draw, Badugi and Mixed

Exclusive Lock Poker Bonus:

  1. Bullet 4.80/5.00 online review total

Snapshot Verdict: Possibly the most striking of all poker rooms online today, Lock delivers on much more than good looks - its beauty runs deep with great bonuses & tournament selection and sexy promotions. Add to that nine $50 freerolls weekly and a generous 35% rakeback that hits your account daily; the result: Lock is most definitely worth a look...

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Prefer play money for starters? Not a problem - should you change to cash games at a later stage, your bonus will carry over until you make your first deposit.

Lock Poker Review:

Lock Poker - the poker room to watch...

There’s no denying the impact of it all - you arrive at the Lock Poker homepage and the simplicity hits you. It is elegant, sleek and intriguing; you’re just dying to know what lies beneath the hood of this beast. If some poker rooms are Holden Astras, Lock is a jet black drop head Ferrari. And it’s idling at the kerbside asking you if you want a ride...

So you jump inside to check out the dashboard and it doesn’t disappoint. Okay, so it’s nothing that special, but it does the job. In style of course. Choose your game, your table type, filter out those pesky play money numbers and boring completed tournaments. Maybe create your own game for people to get involved with - either a private club or open to anyone. It’s all simple to do and it all gets you straight into the action. 

So you hit the table and what do you find? Well unsurprisingly the understated grey scales continue, and they’re accompanied by individual player stations. You can choose from a number of avatars, set your preferred seat and alter the colour of your player box. Maybe this last option is of interest to some, but we didn’t see the value to be honest.

What we do see the value in is the ability to reside your playing window. You can cascade or tile windows if you have multiple games in play. And here’s a tip: If you select the full screen option from the regular play window that’s what you get. However, for a really clean and clear view, first reduce the regular playing window down to the min size and then elect to go full screen - we like the uncluttered result as it keeps your focus right there on the hand in play. But that’s the beauty here - if it’s not for you, change it.


Lock delivers fantastic gameplay - the speed at which the hand moves is well balanced and enjoyable to use. There is a full choice on the quick selection bar at the bottom - check, call any, raise any and so forth - if that’s your preferred play method you’ll appreciate it, as you will the big easy to use buttons.

The display is crisp, visually easy on the eye and the chips laid down are colourful and provide swift and readable indications of how much a player has raised or called. But then comes the bit we’re not completely sold on - and that’s the accompanying colour coded system that matches a player’s action - but you might like it of course...

Tournaments and Promos

Lock Poker is already forging ahead with some decent tournaments, such as the Sunday $50k Guarantee that you can enter via a number of streams - cash, VIP Points, via a satellite and so on. They have a fair number of SnG tourneys always registering - one of our favourites is the Double Up, which has varying buyings starting at $1. This is a six or ten handed game, and the top 50% of players double their money. So if you’re on a ten handed $3 table, five people walk a way empty handed, the remaining five get $6 each. If you’re a reasonable poker player, this is an easy way to build your bankroll, as we have encountered a fair number of fish in this particular poker pool, at the lower buy-ins especially.

Lock Poker also offer their Royal Flush promotion: get a Royal Flush in any cash ring game (must include hole cards) and they’ll pay you 100 times the big blind, right up to $1000. So not only will you score the perfect hand, but you’ll get a grand for having such a grand hand!

Lock run a number of bad beat games too, where a cut of every buy-in goes to the bad beat jackpot. The jury is out here at the Australian Poker Review as to whether the extra cut is worth it on these types of games - but then, we’re fairly sure that if we won the bad beat jackpot, we’d think it a terrific idea!

With so much already on offer, and an evident ambition to position themselves a major online poker destination, we think getting involved and playing poker at Lock is something we just have to recommend.

Buy In Range


Major League Poker Names

Lock Poker Recap and Conclusion:

Lock Poker Review Recap:

Lock Poker is not perfect, yet - that’s said it represents another long overdue option for the player who wants to get back to playing crisp, clean poker. It is one of the few that manages to combine class leading aesthetics and playing environment with quality gameplay and accessible tournaments. We’d like more options to make the poker room our own, but maybe in time...

We feel that they might well have created the perfect poker room for many online poker players. It’s just so easy to use! It’s Mac friendly which is a bonus. Making deposits and withdrawals is fine including Visa and MasterCard options. There will be people who start to yearn for more colour in their poker room - we couldn’t find a way to alter the table colour - but most, we think, will appreciate the simplicity of the action.

Lock offers some good freerolls and tournaments that we suspect will get even better as  the more players sign up. The fact that a number of professional online poker players are already on board is very encouraging - and maybe you’ll be the next to join their ranks...

A closer look at Lock Poker comes highly recommended. Score: 4.80/5.00

  1. Bullet Elegant, striking design

  2. Bullet Healthy, growing pool of players

  3. Bullet Home of many of the top online pros

  4. Bullet Suitable for all levels of poker players

  5. Bullet Good customisation options

  6. Bullet Great selection of tournaments and promotions

  7. Bullet  We’re not sold on the colour coded hand action

  8. Bullet  Needs a better quick balance view


Ring Games:

1 & 2 cent blinds start the options that go through to $50/$100


Tourneys start at 50 cents and work their way up to $525 - with a good selection in-between to meet all budgets.

The big names on the Lock Team are all principally online pros. Namely:

Eric Lynch, Brett Jungblut, Lee Childs, Joe Connolly, Stevie Devlin, Bjorn Andre HOvden, Matt Stout, Joe Brooks, Brian Martinex, Francisco Costa and Jason Young.

  1. Bullet Elegant, striking design

  2. Bullet Healthy, growing pool of players

  3. Bullet Home of many of the top online pros

  4. Bullet Suitable for all levels of poker players

  5. Bullet Good customisation options

  6. Bullet Great selection of tournaments and promotions

  7. Bullet  We’re not sold on the colour coded hand action

  8. Bullet  Needs a better in-lobby quick balance view